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Currency Counters

Back office equipment for note handling

SCAN COIN banknote counters are highly versatile and offer a wide selection of functions for counting and identifying damaged and counterfeit bank notes. Some features include additional size detection, length - long side, (3D), magnetic ink counterfeit detection with double MG heads (MG), magnetic metal thread detection (MT) and multiple channel infrared detection (IR).


Latest Note Technology at a Competitive Price

The new SC-8220 is a 1+1 Pocket Value and Multi Currency Counter with the latest features such as UV LED for higher accuracy and minimal effort when detecting bad notes and counterfeits. The counter also got serial number recognition which is an increasing requirement on the market today. It makes cash handling easy and secure where you will explore efficient operations for counting notes.

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Perfect for:

  • High speed note counting
  • Multicurrency mode
  • Operator efficiency
  • Detection of bad notes and counterfeits thanks to included UV-LED

Full Flexibility for the End User in an Enriched User Interface

Count and verify one currency with ease and accuracy as expected with SCAN COIN note units, but when it comes to handling multi-currency the new SC-8220 also proposes two new modes to avoid time consuming and repetitive manipulations – Multi and Auto. With Multi you can count different currencies at the same time and provides a total note count split into the various currencies found within the note bundle. With Auto the machine will identify the currency of the first note in the bundle and sets itself in the mode to count this currency and to reject all other currencies. As soon as the pockets are empty, the machine turns back to the auto mode for the next notes acceptance. In this mode mixed notes of many different currencies are counted without any keyboard operation.


Accessories / Options

SC 8100

Reduce manual cash handling and get full control of your cash with the SC 8100, a high quality value counter that delivers outstanding results at a low cost. The SC 8100 is equipped with the latest sensor technology, including MG, UV, IR and image detection, to help identify counterfeit bank notes.

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Perfect for:

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Exchange Offices

SC 8100 Value Counter

SC 8100 value counter is excellent in environments that need reliable note counting and verification.

It is also easy to up-date when new notes are introduced in the market. Just plug In an SD card into the value counter and you will get the latest information installed on the machine. You can trust the SC 8100 to count genuine notes and detect counterfeits week after week, year after year.


Accessories / Options

SC 1600

The SC 1600 series is the successor to the widely used and highly successful SC 1500, a versatile desktop currency counter from SCAN COIN. Standard features include continuous counting as well as variable batching, and is designed for maximum throughput.

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Perfect for:

  • Fast and accurate counting and batching
  • Banks, retailers and casinos  
  • Cash centres

SC 1600

The new SC 1600 series has kept the best qualities of the predecessor, and improved others. More sensors, of an even better quality, vouch for even higher accuracy, whilst the new electronics give increased stability. Inside the machine, the new software package has dramatically modernised the operation and performance.

That in combination with its advanced features for counterfeit detection makes this machine an excellent partner!


Accessories / Options

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